A Welcome to Autumn -- Autumnal Decor & Scents

by - Saturday, October 15, 2016

This week I thought I would write up a post about something very dear to my heart, although probably not a big deal -- Autumn!! I love all things Autumnal and get immensely excited when this time of year hits. I think I'll do a mini-series of 'Welcome to Autumn' posts starting with Autumnal Decor and the scents of Autumn. As you will soon be able to tell, I go ALL out when decorating and making my room as cosy and Fall-ish as I possibly can. I probably use the word 'Autumn' far too much, fair warning :')!
Starting with a shelf-type furniture piece, I have draped a nice, warm, red garland of leaves in and among various pieces -- a candle, glass/Coca-Cola bottles arranged with Autumnal colored flowers, and small arrangements pushed in here and there.

My makeup drawers were pretty simple -- some leaves scattered atop with a Gold Canyon candle in the scent Pumpkin Pie. Hanging above, an adorable bear perched in the colors of Fall.

My desk is also scattered with leaves and some flower arrangements as well. I also have my Gold Canyon scent pod warmer there -- but when it's on I don't leave it precariously on those books haha!



This leads me on to the 'Scents' portion -- what I have been using to aromatize my room after the smells of Autumn: potpourri, a Gold Canyon scent pod in Pumpkin Pie, and a candle called Forest Lodge. I also use the Gold Canyon candle I mentioned earlier.

Back to decor, I have the potpourri in this mason jar which is on top of my dresser. More flower arrangements, another garland of leaves, more bunches of cranberries and mini arrangements, and a cute little scarecrow hanging above. One of my favourite bits here is my cute little owl, called Franklin, and I did mention him here, in a guest post last year for my lovely friend Sophie aka Petals of Perfection!

Anyhow, these are just the highlights of my Autumnal decor, because would you believe it, there's actually a bit more.. but I hope this post was enjoyable and provided some inspiration on decorating in this lovely time of year!

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