A Welcome to Autumn -- Why I Love It

by - Saturday, October 22, 2016

As I currently write this, I am cosily curled up on my bed with plaid, flannel pajama bottoms, but I've still got my soft, beige sweater top on that I got from H&M just last weekend. It's such a lovely, Sunday afternoon as the weather is proper gloomy with a cloudy, grey sky and winds so high that I can hear them as they rattle about. I really fancy a cup of strong tea, but I don't know what one to go for. I'm not quite sure why I've just decided to write up a post, not even sure when I'll publish this, but I'm feeling the urge, and when you feel the urge to start writing, you don't suppress it!

There is so much to look forward to at this time of year. For me, personally, I'm looking forward to high school football games coming up. I'm also looking forward to colder weather this week!! Might sound funny, but I love it, everything get's better -- my fashion game steps up a whole two notches, the minimal amount of face makeup I do wear doesn't sweat off (LOL), and a hot cuppa tea becomes an everyday thing again.

This post is turning into the things I love most about Autumn so I think I'll make it part of my little series 'Welcome to Autumn'.... there I've just titled it now!!

   Hmmm, why I love Autumn..

  • The weather: the crisp autumn leaves, the cold, the wind and rain, and the gloomy, grey, cloudy skies with a splash of sunlight and warmth here and there
  • The decor.. but I went over that in my last post!
  • The traditions: church Harvest night on Halloween, Veteran's Day weekend annual trip to Mt. Hermon with my dad's side of the family, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and then the day after -- picking our Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music 24/7.
  • The fashion: scarves, boots, tights, jackets, beanies, windbreakers, gloves, sweater tops, and then on the other end of the spectrum -- sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, slippers, thick socks, and blankets (yes those count!!).

And I love the way it feels. The year, the earth, is starting to end the cycle of growth and turn to rest before it all begins again. Trees lose leaves, but change colour. The sun isn't as powerful heat-wise, but it gets brighter and is more appreciated. Car rides become cosy and warm. Coming home is the same; it's nice to come home to one's comfort zone and sit and observe the weather or go out and take part in it as well as wind down and rest to tackle the next day.

In a way, I feel more refreshed and renewed than I would in the summer, for example. The summer, especially where I live, makes me feel sluggish and I prefer to stay indoors. But the Fall brings crisper, sharper air and so breathing it in is more refreshing, and I love being outdoors as much as possible. It stays that way all day and that's why it's so wonderful.

Not sure that there's much else to say on behalf of Autumn, so this just might be the last in the 'Welcome to Autumn' series. Short but sweet. Well, we'll see if I do find more to talk about, because knowing me, I just might find something! But, in any case, Autumn, I love you.

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