Turning Seventeen

Saturday, November 26, 2016

   This past Friday, I went from sixteen going on seventeen, to seventeen going on eighteen. I had a lovely day; I enjoyed the school day and lunch with Megan, Arianna, and Michelle. As we have youth service every Friday, we had it at mine and I had the best time celebrating with my friends from church. My best friends spent the night and although the picture quality is rubbish, we had a blast taking pics (snapchat filter status) and staying up late (in that silly, giggly, sleepy mode) playing the Try Not to Laugh challenge (we spat water everywhere). Saturday my girls and I went out for a day at the shops and some successful purchases were made. Sunday I spent with my family after a lovely church service. All in all, I am extremely blessed and grateful for this past weekend and I thank my Lord Jesus for giving me yet another year of life. 

me & bri

the girls n i minus syd

erika & i

serious chics

genuine lols

the girls n i minus syd take 2

mis amigas favoritas: syd, bri, moi, mel, erika, and t

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