Christmas Banquet

Saturday, December 17, 2016

the girls: val, erika, tiana, mel, me, & syd

               deshane & i (i luv this pic it's captures our friendship so well haha)                                                                        me & t             

bri girl


erika & i 

   Every year my church holds its annual Christmas Banquet at the Ramada Inn. It's the fanciest and largest event, and honestly the most exciting one. Everyone gets all dressed up and fancy, and we gather together to celebrate the year, eat an amazing dinner, spend time with each other, and of course give Jesus His due as we celebrate His coming to Earth as we sing Christmas carols. We always take loads of pictures and this year was no exception haha. I'm getting super excited for Christmas!!

P.S. my dress is from Tilly's and I am in love with it, so festive but simple

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