Christmas Wishlist

by - Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas time is here!! I am so so so excited for Christmas, and of course there's absolutely nothing like the build up to it. Everyday is filled with the prospect of Christmas and with all that we do to remind ourselves of it: Christmas lights, trees, decorations, songs, and most importantly, the time we take each day to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Now, I was raised right, and was taught that Christmas isn't about the presents, it isn't about what you get, it's about Jesus and His humble entrance to Earth. So, I never made a Christmas list, or wrote to Santa telling him what I wanted.... But I figure, why not write up a post entailing what I would like (but don't expect lol), and so here we go!

  •    First things first, I still haven't gotten an a-line 70s style skirt! I would love two: one in denim and the other corduroy. I would love to pop one of these one with some tights, combat boots, and a cute sweater top. I saw one at H&M awhile ago, but alas, it wasn't my size.
  •    I have actually been into boyfriend jeans lately. Surprise, surprise I don't have any pairs, but I think they're so ideal and ahhhh I need some!! And while we're on the topic of jeans, I need me some proper high-waisted skinnies. I have a couple of pairs that are higher than mid-rise but they aren't true high-waisted jeans. So I'm looking to get some of those as well.
  •    Something else I've been wanting for absolutely ages: a long-sleeve, velvet, dark coloured dress. A long-sleeve one that fits nicely up to the waist and then flares out would be ideal.
  •    More sweater tops! Winter and Autumn are my favourite times of year, and so of course I love the fashion at this time of year and I neeeeeed (want) more sweater tops. I love cable-knit or chunky knit sweaters especially. Pretty much obsessed with Rachel McAdams' looks in About Time... basically I am obsessed with that style and that's what I'm after. You can never have too many sweaters. (At least that's what I say haha.)
  •    More indie-ish jewlery. I am all about those accessories at the moment, which is a rarity.
  •    Makeup & skincare items, of course!! Ummmm, an Ulta gift card, anything up that alley hehe.
  •    And lastly, Barnes & Nobles anything. I am a total bookworm and I would love a gift-card there, or one of those cute journals with the writing prompts as I am an aspiring writer and would love to expand my creativity and better my writing.

Anyhow, that is my 2016 Christmas wishlist..... to my fambam (if you're reading this) *whispers loudly* now you know what to get me;)

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