salt to the sea

by - Saturday, March 11, 2017

What an incredible book. I only just discovered Ruta Sepetys this past autumn, when I read her other historical-fiction novel: Between Shades of Gray. (it was amazing as well) I noticed her new novel in my school library: Salt to the Sea, but I didn't think about picking it up until about 2 weeks ago. As a massive fan of history, especially anything World War 2 related, I completely devoured this book, finishing it up in a couple of days.

Written from the perspective of four different teenagers, with four different fears, stories, and backgrounds, a fascinating story unravels. The novel follows the four, who are trying to escape their pasts and their perilous journey to the fated MV Wilhelm Gustloff, which was meant to evacuate many Germans to safety as the Axis powers were losing the war. There is love, action, flight and fight in all aspects: emotional, physical, and mental. 

A character driven story, we watch as our hero and heroines grow significantly as people -- growing and changing for the better. 

I honestly cannot rave enough about this book. I had high expectations, and they were most certainly exceeded. I could not put this novel down, and I definitely recommend it. It is indubitably now up there in my all time favourites. It is an easy read if you're not a regular reader, but not without a gripping plot. Crossing my fingers that this book is adapted for a film one day, and I hope it is done justice when that time (hopefully) comes. I don't want to give away the story, so I'm just gonna say this: go out and read this book!!! You will not be disappointed.

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