Carve The Mark

by - Saturday, April 01, 2017

Such a good book! I was in the library a couple of weeks ago (surprise, surprise), and I noticed Veronica Roth's latest on display. I picked it up and read the blurb on the back and inside covers. I was little apprehensive; science-fiction is not the genre I ever tend to go for, dystopian novels are as close as I can get to them. Seeing as how this is Veronica Roth we're speaking about here, and I loved the Divergent series, I thought I might as well take a wack at it. I was definitely very pleasantly surprised.

The story is beautifully told from the third-person limited perspective of Akos and first-person perspective of Cyra, our hero and heroine. They live on the same planet, but on complete opposite ends. Cyra's people, the Shotet, have the desire to control the entire planet, and bring Akos' people, the Thuvesites. The 'fates' of these two characters become connected and intertwined.

Each individual in this world bear a 'current-gift', and all current-gifts stem from the literal current that flows through space and each planet. Some individuals are gifted, perhaps burdened would be a better word, with a fate. The current-gifts and fates of Akos and Cyra reflect who they are, and play major parts within the story.

The Shotet have a tradition of carving a mark when they kill someone, and this motif becomes so deep and significant throughout the novel.

Carve The Mark is the first in a duology, and I am so excited for the next and final installment. I have nothing but high hopes for it, as this one was extremely excellent. Definitely pick this book up, you won't be able to put it down!!

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