Happy Easter!

by - Sunday, April 16, 2017

What a special holiday. Regardless of what you believe, this is a time to be with your families, hopefully spending the day together, admiring the beautiful world unfold from winter and turn into a glorious springtime.

For me, this is an important time that I and my family and friends take to reflect on the beauty of our Savior. We go through Holy Week, studying and reading of each day that Jesus spent. The Triumphal Entry, casting out the sellers in the temple, the symbolic fig tree, and ultimately, the Last Supper, the trial in Gethsemane, and Jesus' death and resurrection.

The love of God is so great, so vast, so immeasurable, that He would send His perfect and spotless Son to become sin, Who knew no sin, so that we might become His righteousness.

All that He suffered, He suffered for us. He was marred beyond all recognition, to redeem us and buy us back from eternal death. Jesus is alive today, and He sits at the right hand of God the Father, extending the beautiful gift of salvation and eternal life to everyone.

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