Summer 2018 Highlights

by - Saturday, August 04, 2018

This has truly been one of my favourite summers. Although it wasn't in keeping with past summers in terms of the usual timing and pattern of the major, annual, summer events that usually take place, it was still one that I will treasure and look back on with fondness. 

31 MAY - 7 JUNE
In the first place, so many of my friends graduated from high school this year!! My best friend Sydney was first, and I am truly so proud of all the growth she has seen this past year alone. My friends Brianna, Valerie, and Tiana also graduated, and although I didn't get pics with all of them, I do have a couple!! Another one of my fav people and close friends graduated, Joseph, and I was so happy to be able to go see him on his special day, especially as he left on his mission this past month, and I won't be seeing him for two years:(

22 - 24 JUNE 
My girlfriends & I went on a weekend church camp trip up to the beautiful Shaver Lake, and as it was our last year doing so, it was trip packed with so many great memories: staying up til 2 a.m. talking and joking about the most random things, #teashots, falling off Sheila the inflatable Camel, clowns, and apparently being close to falling out of our window (LOLLLL). 

25 - 29 JUNE
Upon returning from that trip, we headed straight into VBS: Shipwrecked the very next day. It was a fun-filled week, and although I had to shout at the top of my lungs as myself and Deshane manned the Games station outside, it was still a memorable experience as it is every year. 

30 JUNE - 1 JULY
As soon as that week ended, my family & I started what has become my favourite week of my life thus far. (Seriously, I was living my very best life, and I enjoyed every second of it.) We woke up early on Saturday morning, and set out for LA, to meet Brianna and her family there for her grad trip. We went to see the Holocaust Museum, a truly touching experience, ate at the two-story Cheesecake Factory in The Grove, shopped at the three-story Barnes & Noble (BEST PLACE EVERRRR), and I picked up a USA sweater at Brandy Melville (the store that holds the style of my dreams oh boy). Sunday was a more chilled day, we slept in, went to the Santa  Monica Pier, took cute pics, and finished it off with swimming and pizza. 

2 -7 JULY
My Tio, Tia, Julie, and Ethan, met us at the house we were staying at in Pasadena, so we could all head off to our annual Pismo trip together the next day. We kicked the trip off right and headed to an authentic English tea shop; the gentleman who runs it was so sweet, and he allowed us to come in and showed us around. He shared that Meghan Markle went there in order to learn how to take tea with the Queen and that William and Kate had also been there as well!

Tuesday, we went to the outlets and I got my most favourite purchase ever, a Tommy Hilfiger Jacket!!! Absolutely cannot wait to wear it in autumn/winter. Wednesday, the Fourth of July, was the best day ever (of course it was bc I'm super duper patriotic hehe). We watched the amazing fireworks show, and Julie & I took hilarious pics. Thursday was a chill day, and we just relaxed, had pizza, and watched a film. 

Friday was BEACH day, and what a day that was. I had seriously the best beach day I've ever had: the water was actually so so nice as it was actually over 90 degrees in Pismo (shock), I got sunburnt but tan, the sand burned my feet but was so toasty after getting into the water, and it was just the best day all around. Saturday, we headed home, but not after some successful thrift-shopping, lunch, and ice cream at Doc Burnstein's in Arroyo Grande. 

It was truly the best week of my life so far, and certainly the best week of 2018. I enjoyed every moment of it: the car journeys, the fun times, the hilarious lols, the sea, sun, and sand, and all that the week turned out to be. 

As my summer is (sadly) drawing to a close, I'm gonna hold on to these memories and photos very tightly as I begin my second year of college. Doubtless, I will need to look back on this time for motivation to get through the school year :') Since summertime is ending, I'm now looking forward to cold weather and Christmas!

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