What's In My School Bag

by - Saturday, August 18, 2018

Summer has *sadly* come to a close, and school season is upon us. I started my second year of college this Monday, and I thought that a school-themed post would be quite appropriate for this week. So, I'll be taking you through what I take with me to college every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I'm pretty bummed out as I managed to schedule classes for twice a week last year -- Tuesdays & Thursdays. However, this semester I wasn't so lucky, and I am stuck there three times a week. Anyways, on with the post!!

Technology is a blessing. I don't have to drag around a five-subject notebook with me as I have a lightweight Lenovo laptop. I use this to take notes in class as I'm a fairly good and quick typist, and it's a lot easier on the hands than writing frantically as you hope your professor doesn't switch screens before you're through. 
I also am taking my blogging notebook with me; I have a lot of time in between classes this semester, and I want to be able to jot down ideas & be as productive as possible.
I've also got a Bath & Bodyworks hand sanitizer bc I gotta keep my hands clean & smelling lovely of course. 
I have a pen & highlighter for annotating!!

My Kate Spade reading glasses for all the reading, screen-staring, note-taking, & essay writing I'll be doing. Having prescription glasses honestly helps loads when my eyes are under strain.
My cute lunch bag from Old Navy that my bff Erika got me for Christmas!! It's so roomy & holds all my snacks and meals in it. Since I don't have to take bulky books or notebooks with me, it fits quite nicely in my backpack. (A black Jansport by the way.)
And I picked up a small little journal to use as a planner. Last year, I bought a regular-sized planner, complete with a monthly calendar spread, but I found I didn't end up using it very much. I've decided that for me, it's going to be a lot simpler to have a small notebook that's a lot less complicated & far more accessible -- I can simply jot down what's assigned, highlight due dates, etc. 

I've got a folder to put in all class syllabuses or papers, and The Call of the Wild by Jack London as it's the book I'm currently reading. (Always got to have a book on hand!!)

And the essentials of course: phone charger, earbuds, laptop charger, and a spare set of earbuds to plug into my laptop since my iPhone 8 earbuds obviously aren't able to do that.

What's in your school bag? x

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