Autumn Bucket List 2018

by - Saturday, September 22, 2018

The first day of Autumn is today, & I thought it would be super appropriate to kick it off with a list of the things I want to do this Fall season! As this post goes up, I'll be in the process of decorating my room in the most Autumnal way possible, and that means I'll be in my absolute element. (Probably a decor post coming later on this month hehe.) On with the bucket list!!

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch with my buds again!! I went to one last year with my gals, and we had the best time. We stopped at Starbucks before hand, took cute pictures upon arrival, picked out our own cute little pumpkins, and went on a few rides. It was a marvelous time & a fabulous Fall activity for sure. The pictures featured in this post are actually from that day!!
  2. Get some of those adorable, mini pumpkins for my room! Last year, I only got a small little white one; this year I want to pick up a few. 
  3. Bake all things pumpkin and bake more in general. It's finally the perfect time of year to spend in the kitchen, concocting some delish treats to have with a cup of tea & a book. I always slack on my baking during the warmer months, so I'm excited to start it up again!
  4. Make pretty Thanksgiving name cards with my cousin Julie! I want to do this way ahead of time this year, as last year I was scrambling at the last minute, and they were pretty basic :') Julie is super talented with calligraphy & design, so I want us to make proper place cards this year.
  5. Get my ears pierced LOL. I'm 18, almost 19, and I've still not got them pierced haha. It's not that I have a fear or anything; I simply haven't gotten around to doing it. Definitely want to have them pierced before my birthday in November. Can't wait to buy all the cute earrings!!
  6. I want to for sure have all my Blogmas posts planned. I don't think I want to start writing them too soon because that's proper Christmassy, and I want to enjoy Autumn to its fullest and get into Christmas right after Thanksgiving as I normally do. 
  7. Take GOOD pics!! I'm just not comfortable in front of the camera; I freeze and hate how I turn out :') I want to get nice pictures with my friends & even some by myself because it's about time I learn how haha.
  8. Have a sleepover (or two!) with my best girls. We're long overdue to have one, so for sure I want to have the annual one for my birthday and maybe another! 
  9. Go out to see a play or even to the movies. I love seeing plays, but I don't do it often enough. As for going to see a movie, I do that so rarely, and I really want to go out and see at least two over the next couple months. 
  10. Visual journal some more!! I haven't been able to do this in awhile, and I just want to sit down with my coloured pencils, journal, tape, Pinterest, and magazine bits for a spell. 

That's my very brief Autumnal Bucket List! Hoping to look back and say that I marked every single thing off. Please share with me in the comments what you like to do around this time of year, maybe I can add to my list <3

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