September Be Better

by - Saturday, September 08, 2018

For this week's post, I wanted to share a few of things I'm hoping to get done this month. From blog goals to personal ones, I'm feeling so much more positive about September. I always rate August as my least favourite month as it's back to school and summer ending, so I'm looking forward to the start of autumn at the end of September and cosier times ahead!

  • Hit 1,000 views this month. I came pretty close last month and was right around 830! That was amazing, especially since I only relaunched my blog at the very end of July. 
  • Interact with other bloggers way more: comment more on other's posts, be active on Twitter, and promote post's that I really enjoyed reading.
  • Maybe, possibly start an Instagram for my blog. I don't even have an Instagram for me yet, so we'll see about this one. It seems like a scary platform, and it doesn't help that I hear and see negative things about its algorithm all over Twitter from fellow bloggers. (If anyone wants to give me some kind of advice about it in the comments, I'm all ears!)
  • Be as prepared as possible for when I make the jump over to Wordpress at the start of October! I've already read so many helpful blog posts regarding the switch, but I want to be sure of every aspect as I will be attempting to do this alone. 
  • Figure out exactly what I'll be posting and what days to do so. Rather than looking at all the ideas I have and picking one at random, I want to figure out what I'll be posting each week.

  • Stay on top of my schoolwork! I'm slowly rediscovering my studious side, which to be honest I haven't really kicked into gear since junior year of high school as last year and my senior year were a breeze. I want to be ambitious & ahead of time again.
  • Read more!! With school starting and just all that August turned out to be, I haven't been able to be my happy little bookworm self since July and I miss it so much. I finally created a Goodreads account, follow me here hehe, I'd love to be friends :) It's got me so excited and so organised when it comes to what books I want to read & purchase next!
  • Hang out with my friends, especially those I haven't been able to spend any time with recently.  I haven't really gone out and done anything social since the summer months, and I have some major catch up to do with so many of my fav people. 
  • Get myself a bookshelf :') I've been searching for a nice, tall, white one for ages now; it's about time I find one. Fingers crossed I manage to do so!!

That's it for this week! Please share your goals with me, whether in the comments or by linking me to a post with them. Reading and hearing about the motivation from others always has such positive effects<3

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