Winding Down in the Evenings

by - Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A nice little midweek post is here!! For ages now, I've been wanting so share what I do on evenings when I just need to relax my mind and body. This is simply an accumulation of all the things I do to calm and unplug; I don't do these things in any particular order!

Take a bath. I like to grab a bath bomb (preferably from Lush, but any kind will do really) and some Bath & Body Works shower gel, so I can run a nice, warm bath. I either read a book or put my laptop to the side and watch some Netflix or Youtube as I sink into the bubbles. 

No technology for thirty minutes before bed. As I stated earlier, I don't have a set routine for these activities, but, depending on my timetable, I figure out when the best time is to put away my phone/laptop, being sure to set my alarms for the next day. 

Light a candle. I loooove lighting a candle, something about it is so calming & peaceful. Here, I've got a Gold Canyon one in the scent Coast Ocean. As the fragrance permeates my room, I instantly feel more tranquil. 

Drink sleepy-time tea. I've featured two of my favs here: the ones by Bigelow & Celestial Seasonings. I can genuinely attest to a better night's sleep after having a cup of this before bed. (Not sponsored, but maybe I will be able to work with these companies one day because I ADORE this stuff!!)

Play something soothing. As I unwind, I like to pop on a film soundtrack or some ASMR in the background. Personally, I love the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit soundtracks. When it comes to ASMR, Gibi ASMR and asmr zeitgeist are my go-to's. 

Journal. I either make a visual journal entry, as shown above, or I go the traditional route -- writing down how I'm feeling, recounting recent events, or marking down hopes and dreams. 

Read a book. I like for this to be the last thing I do in the day. I grab whatever current book I'm reading and curl up for a few chapters before turning in for the night. Often I'm reading at least two books at once, one for bedtime and one for the rest of the day:') I feel that this is the best way to close off the day and/or a time of relaxation -- getting lost in another world right before drifting off into dreamland. 

Thank you for reading!! Please share in the comments what you like to do to wind down, I'd love to try new things :)

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