Autumnal Decor: Bits & Pieces

by - Saturday, October 06, 2018

Yayyyy! Another Autumnal post, I'm so excited!! I wanted to share some of the setups I've got going on in my room during this time of year. As I mentioned last week, I started my blog in October, so a lot of my first posts were based around Autumn. Hence, I have previously shared the Fall decor of my room; you can read that here if you'd like. Bear in mind that my photography skills weren't great at the time haha! I do still have quite a lot of the same pieces, but there are new ones too. Let's get on with it!!

My chest of drawers has a fall garland that is weaved around the following items: a candle; a mason jar with pretty potpourri; two Coke bottles with Fall arrangements; and a cute, little, decorative paper bag. I've also got these cardboard coasters that actually have recipes, on the back, of the drinks that they feature!

On one of my headboard posts--a jar with a flower arrangement, leaves inside, and a bright orange bow to top it off.

My cute little owl, Franklin, is on the other post. I've stuck a small arrangement in front of him as well. 

Not the best pic, especially considering that it features the less than great paint job on the wall behind :') I've got a long leaf garland draped along the top of my headboard. I know that the orange pillow clashes with my pink duvet & pillowcases, but I just couldn't not pop it on the bed haha. The three teddy bears that I've had for years, and yes, that's Pooh bear on the right;)

This is above my nightstand! Not sure what to call this cute bear, if anyone's got any name suggestions, I'll take them:)

My nightstand: leaves scattered atop; small decorative dishes; my cute, ceramic puppy; my journal atop two of my favourite books; yet another arrangement in my London vase (not sure if that's a vase? lol); more potpourri in a gorgeous bowl that was a Christmas gift; and a photo of a wheelbarrow that's filled with pumpkins & a scarecrow. (I'm quite proud of that picture; it's one of the great ones I took during Senior year with a 35 mm camera!)

That's not all of my Autumnal decor; believe it or not, there is definitely more :') I just wanted to share some of my fav setups! Maybe you can gather a bit of decorating inspiration. I've been told by one of my friends that my interior style is quite classic, and I have to agree. My room certainly reflects that during this time of year! Do you decorate your room/home for the seasons? 

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