Mt. Hermon 2018

by - Saturday, November 17, 2018

This past weekend, my family & I went our annual trip to the Santa Cruz mountains, something I mentioned in my Fall Traditions post. We rent a cabin or two in Mount Hermon, spend loads of time with each other, eat the best pizza around, and make hilarious memories. This post is going to be a bit photo-heavy, but I wanted to share some of the gorgeous scenes that God has up there. Hopefully you can enjoy the snaps I took of the great outdoors!

Saturday afternoon, we all took a hike to the high point of the mountain where this impressive, large cross is located. The air quality was not the best due to all of the fires :( So the sky is a bit hazy, and the sun, if you can spot it in that second photo, looks very red and somewhat unnatural. It was still a refreshing walk, and we had some hilarious failed attempts to take a group selfie with the cross in the background haha!

Mid-morning on Sunday, we took another hike on one of our favourite trails. This is pretty much the opposite of the one we took the day before, as you're going into the "heart of the mountain" so to speak. 

After this, my sister, cousin, & I headed to the sweet, little, quaint chapel to sing a few songs and play the piano. I can never resist taking photos in here, and I got quite a few, although they were all a bit off center :')

We finished off the day at the beach, and I took SO. MANY. PICTURES. I luv, luv, luv the sea, and I always go a bit camera crazy when I go :') It was so hard to pick which ones to put in this post because I honestly loved them all lol.

What would a Macey-sporadic-picture-spam be without at LEAST one photo of an American flag?! There it is folks :')

There was so much more to this trip than me taking loads of photos; we played charades on Saturday night, and that ensued in the BEST LAUGHTER EVER. You know the kind, where you can't breathe, and you feel like you've done 500 crunches in 10 seconds. It was a wonderful weekend, and we all made some unforgettable memories. 

Thank you for reading!

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