The (big) Christmas Tag '18

by - Sunday, December 16, 2018

I saw this fabulous compilation of Christmassy questions over on the lovely Laura's blog: Snow Lifestyle. She assembled this epically (not a word lol) sized list, and although I didn't use all of her questions, they're all from this festive Christmas Tag she created

1.  When does your family put up your Christmas tree & who decorates it? We typically put up our tree the first weekend of December!

2.  Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably? I'm definitely somewhere in the middle--if it's an easy gift to wrap, then it'll look pretty decent, otherwise, I just chuck into a gift bag to spare myself the trouble :')

3.  What tops your tree? We've always put an angel on the top of our tree, but I'd like to use a star at some point.

4.  What are your favourite Christmas colours? Probably the classic red & green combo--it just screams Christmas! But if we're talking themes for trees and such, you can't go wrong with a red & gold pairing. 

5.  What is your favourite Christmas smell? Oh it's so hard to pick, but I think I'll go with the Gingerbread Spice scent pod from Gold Canyon.

6.  Does your family make a special recipe for Christmas? My Nana makes these delicious genie bars; they're my dad's fav!

7.  If you could be in any Christmas movie, which would it be? It's a Wonderful Life hands down. I'd have fabulous hair & pretty dresses, and I'd be living in the heart of America: a small town--Bedford Falls. 

8.  Be honest: would you rather give gifts or receive them? I really do enjoy giving gifts. I love shopping (only at Christmas time though!), and finding the perfect gift for someone. But it's always really nice to receive a gift that was well thought out, and it's especially memorable when the person giving you the gift made a real effort to find out what you wanted, etc. 

9.  Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? We do because we celebrate Christmas Eve & Christmas Day with different sides of the family, as I mentioned in my Christmas Traditions post. So Christmas Eve is spent opening gifts with my dad's side!

10.  Have you ever made a snowman? Unfortunately, no. I've only been to the snow a couple times, and it was never enough to form more than a small snowball :')

11. Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Our primary Christmas tree is real! We did used to have a smaller, fake tree, and we did recently inherit my Nana's old fake tree. I do have a fake tree in my room as well :') So it's a bit of a mix, but the main tree is always real. 

12. Use one noise (onomatopoeia) to describe how excited you are for Christmas: EEEEEEEEEK!!! That sounds like one has spotted a mouse/rat and is terrified, but I think it still works haha. 

13. What do you like to do over Christmas break? Any of my Christmas Traditions or items from my December Bucket List. In general, I enjoy spending time with friends & family. 

14.  What is your all-time favourite holiday food/sweet treat? I really find it hard to pick just one ahhh, but I have come to prefer savoury foods over sweets in the last year or so. So this year, I think I'd have to just go with the Christmas Roast because my Nana makes the most tender, flavourful roast everrrrr. I do love some mashed potatoes as well!

15.  What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? 100% England--any part of it would be gorgeous this time of year, but London would be great!

16.  When do you start getting excited for Christmas? Midway through November--but I've got Thanksgiving to celebrate, so I let myself enjoy that, and as soon as it's over, IT'S CHRISTMASTIME!

17.  You have been granted one Christmas wish...what is it? I would probably pick to be able to go back to a Christmas when both my grandfathers were alive; I'd want to spend the day focusing on them. 

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