'18: Another year over...

by - Saturday, January 12, 2019

Okay, okay. I know I'm a just a tad late to wrap up my 2018 on the 12th of January :'), and I totally intended to get back into the blogging game the first weekend of the New Year, but I was just enjoying my break and I extended it another week because why not?! I'll be hitting the books on Monday, and life will be in full swing once more. I really did enjoy a relaxing Christmas break; I ended up having just over an entire month to rest and get refreshed. I spent it with family and friends, made a lot of wonderful memories, and enjoyed the season to the fullest extent. I am stoked for 2019, and although I have never said this very cliche phrase before, I'm 100% feeling it: 2019 is going to be my year, and I'm so ready for it. Anyhowww, just gonna quickly highlight some of my fav bits of 2018, which was a bloomin' good one for me.

I started the year off on an overnight trip up to Scott's Valley which is close to Mt. Hermon, where my family go every Veteran's Day weekend. It was just my immediate family, and we had a lovely time listening to our favourite audio series on the way up & back, shopping at the Gilroy Outlets, and making some memories right as 2018 dawned on us.

I started my second semester of college, took two English courses, made my first proper friend from college (one that I speak to still, not just one of those classmates you have once and never really see or speak to again haha). I gained a lot more boldness, made myself raise my hand in class, participated in class discussions, and that really boosted my confidence in terms of my people-skills. 

Took a Geography evening class which was not fun. My professor was a sweet lady, but she was incredibly boring and would stay on the same slide for 45 mins in a 4 hour night class :') I also changed my major from English to History, about midway through the semester. I still adore English (both the language & literature aspects of it); I just decided that I love American History more. 

I took Communication which pushed me even more as I had to make a total of 4 speeches over the course of the semester. I nailed them all, and I am proud of myself hehe. 

In April, I attempted the 28 Day Reset by Cassey Ho (Blogilates) with my mom, and it was a bit tough sometimes, but we did it!! Eating super clean was awesome. I made some lifelong habits in terms of my cooking and food choices during that period. 

Saw some really pretty sunsets >>>

I wrote a lot of papers during this semester. A LOT. I enjoyed all of them though, I really do love writing :') One of the English courses I took was literature-based, and although I had just taken AP Lit my Senior year, it was nice to get back into that style of writing, rather than the analytical writing that I'm fairly good at. I will continue to take English classes in the future because I miss this so much haha!

I also wrote three poems, and I'm proud of two of them. One day, I might share my favourite one on this old blog of mine...

I got a little ahead of myself jumping into April. March and Easter break came around, and so did my sister's birthday. My immediate family & I went to Mt. Hermon for a few days to celebrate our Melody turning sweet sixteen. 

Funny story, literally the day before we left, this very new laptop (it was only 3 months old at the time), decided to break on me. It was pretty awful. It didn't start working til late July which was when I decided to finally take up blogging again. 

Anyways, we had another great trip together. Lots of laughs from day one. Myself & Mel took loads of funny selfies; we went thrifting (found some good stuff), ate so so good, hiked, took pictures of God's gorgeous nature, and so much more. 

<<< Look at my sissy being all pretty, posey, and ponderous :')

I was determined to not be a white, pale, dead-looking thing during the summer, so I started to tan in earnest. I started going out to sunbathe as early as April. I was sure to sit out on my balcony during the peak hours of the day. I would pop on my playlist and either lay or sit in the glorious sun. Occasionally would leave the door open to watch the Giants in a day game (baseball). 

I was always sure to put on some suncream; I don't want too much damage, and Tio Vic, I wore a hat *almost* every single time :') I didn't burn at all!! 

I did make a lot of progress, although tan for me is still white compared to my very Hispanic-looking siblings. I can thank my Nana and those Spaniard/German genes that must have stuck with the two of us. 

To be fair, I did burn later in the summer when we were at the beach lol. 

May saw the end of my semester, at long last, I was freed of school for an utterly fantastic, glorious, wonderful three months of bliss. 

My best friend graduated, someone who I am so so proud of and who inspires me daily with her strength, resilience, resolve, and hard work. Ily Syd <3

June was just around the corner, and what a busy month it would be. 

I went on and on about my summer in my Summer 2018 Highlights post. Give it a read if you're like me and, now that Christmas is over, you're missing summer and can't wait for it already. 

Let it be known that I had a fabulous time. I celebrated with several friends who also graduated from high school, had a week or two of relaxing, then kicked it into high gear. Camp,  VBS, LA, Pismo--it was a great last week of June & first week of July. 

July, after coming back from that wonderful week (my fav week ever ever ever), was a lot quieter and not much happened. 

If anything, I had major Pismo withdrawals and couldn't believe that that part of the year was already behind me.

I did get my new phone at the end of July (ABOUT DARN TIME TOO!!) which was so so exciting. My parents went on a trip by themselves, so my siblings and I hung out at my cousins for the week. That was another relaxed week. 

I did start blogging again at the end of July and was so overjoyed that my laptop decided to work once more. I had been wanting to get back into it but knew I couldn't without my laptop. I joined Twitter and had so much fun becoming a part of this lovely community!

A sis got bored and cut her bangs in early October. They only looked good for a couple days and then I was OVER them. Stupid, stupid, impulsive, Mace, why did you do this silly, silly thing?! They're such a pain when they're growing back :/ I'm lucky my hair grows fast though, they're well past my eyes now, just crossing my fingers that they're at the end of my face by summertime lol. 

Started my second year of college. Never worked so much on school in my life. Was definitely the hardest semester ever. Spent 0.000001% of it socialising. No life whatsoever. Will not be dwelling on it much. 

To be honest, I didn't hate this past semester, it was just unending work & revision. Right when I thought I had got back on top of it and could take a breather, it started all over again. 

One of the few times I got out this semester, and it was already towards its end lololol, luv u Meghan >>>

Going to a few football games and seeing friends on those nights kept me sane tbh. I got to hang out with Meg here only 2 times which was not enough but was much needed. I saw my Syd girl once, at the very end of the semester, which was also v v needed. 

Oh, and I turned 19!! One last year of being a quirky teen, and I'm gonna make the most of it. 

I wrote a huge paper that was a whopping 26 pages and 6,675 words. I did get a perfect score on it, and my teacher said it is excellent grounds for a Master's Thesis, so that's pretty great. I guess this paper made up for the lack of writing I did this semester. Other than this, I only wrote two other papers and they were only two pages each. 

Truly enjoyed the start of my studies in History. Western Civilization is a wondrous thing: America, or any other Western country, would not be so forward or have made so much progress without Socrates, Judeo-Christian values, Galileo, the Protestant Reformation, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and so much more. 

Got a nice breath of fresh air during our family trip to Mt. Hermon (our third time there last year :')). So many lovely memories that weekend. 

Thanksgiving was amazing; I ate so so good. This was turkey #1, and he was a tasty guy. Made some more funny memories!

December started out stressful due to final exams, but I made it through with a 3.7 GPA, 3 A's, and 1 B (thank u biology, see u never ever again). 

I managed to get through Blogmas!! Well, my very scattered version of it at least. Another month with lots of family memories; I'm super grateful for that. It was tough to see the one-year anniversary that my grandpa passed, but we still enjoyed the day together and rest in the knowledge that we'll see him again. 

I love my Julies >>>

So many Xmassy traditions, not least among them this fancy Christmas get together that was two days before the 25th this year! Took some epiccccc pics and had a fab time.

My siblings, Nana, and myself on Christmas Day. Had a wonderful 24th & 25th spent with my family. 

Finished the year off relaxing. New Years Eve was partially spent with family, with pizza and games. Came home with my immediate family to watch The Two Towers, have some cider, a lush cheese ball I had made the night before, and we prayed our way into the New Year as we've done so many years before.

2018 was a wonderful year. I spent a lot of it with family and have had some special moments. I can recall several times of laughing so hard my sides hurt, and I felt like I'd done 600 crunches. I made some memories with friends during the first half of the year. The year was good to me, and I am very grateful.

2019 will be, I'm hoping, an even better year. I won't get into it now because this post is already way too long, but I'm excited to do a lot more in mostly every aspect of my life. If you managed to make it to the end of this beast of a post, thank you! What was a 2018 highlight for you??

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