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by - Saturday, December 22, 2018

These are some of my most favourite photos that I've taken for this month, and I couldn't wait to use them in a blog post! I've got one more post coming, on Christmas Eve, but what better way to start wrapping it up than with another Christmas Tag!! I was tagged by the ever so lovely Imogen; you can read her post here (please do!) Find the original post by Femenish here.


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1.  What is your favourite thing about Christmas? My favourite thing about Christmas is the beautiful way that it brings so many people together; although we should always be kind to our fellow man, Christmas really brings out kindness and compassion in such a magical fashion.

2.  Do you have any Christmas traditions you CANNOT forget about each year? Oh, there are quite a few! You can see them here in my post regarding my Xmas traditions, but off the top of my head, getting a tree, decorating it, putting up the lights outside, and watching It's A Wonderful Life

3.  Is there a song that just gets you into that Christmas spirit? This is another tough one! I talked about my incredibly long Christmas playlist & top songs across several categories, so it's hard to say. Hmmmm, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" immediately has me thinking of Christmas and so does "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

4.  What is your favourite Christmas movie? Hands down It's A Wonderful Life. I grew up with it, and it makes me the happiest. 

5.  Which food is your must-have at Christmas time? The Christmas roast for sure; my Nana does an incredible job every single year, mmmm I can't wait!!!

6.  If you had to choose between Michael Buble's Christmas Album and Justin Bieber's Christmas album, which one would you choose and why? Oh Michael Buble for sure! I don't think I've ever even listened to a full Bieber album, other than Purpose, and I haven't done so since it came out :')

7.  What is your favourite memory about Christmas? Probably the year I gave my dad a Jar of Nothing (literally nothing inside it), and it was so so funny. I was in stitches; he was in stitches, and we were all in a hilarious uproar. On the jar I wrote: A Jar of Nothing--Everything You've Always Wanted! My dad always says he wants nothing when questioned for Christmas, his birthday, Father's Day, and this was hysterical!! :') 

8.  When do you start decorating your place for Christmas? The day after Thanksgiving!

9.  If you were at Christmas Karaoke, which 5 songs would you choose to play? Ooooof, I love a lot, but I'd have to pick the ones I sound best at haha. 

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -- Frank Sinatra 
Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy) -- Chris Tomlin
Last Christmas -- Wham!
Silent Night (with Saviour King) -- Hillsong Worship 
The Christmas Song -- Nat King Cole 

10. What are your top 4 Christmas movies? I won't delve into them all again; you can read my post all about my favs!! Suffice it to say, It's A Wonderful Life is at the top of the list.

11. What does Christmas really mean to you? I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Judge. I am in awe that the King of kings would condescend to become like me and to come to His Earth in the most humblest of ways. It's a time of gratitude, reflection, family, friends, and giving. 

12.  How old were you when you started asking questions about Father Christmas? My parents didn't raise us to believe in him; it was all Jesus & the Nativity, so we never did :') We never spoiled it for our friends who did believe though haha!

13.  What do you think makes Christmas so magical? Like I mentioned in the first question, I think the way that so many people show their compassionate and kind side this time of year is what makes it so magical. As I shared in my previous post all about Christmas Quotes, Dale Rogers stated that "Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas."

14. Share your favourite photo from a previous Christmas: Genuinely cannot find a great photo at the moment :')

I tag Geraldine & Faye. Anyone who wants to do this, go for it! It's a bit last minute now, but give it a whirl if you'd like :) 

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